6 Family Nutrition Tips for Dads

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“Because children model the behavior of both of their parents, fathers play an important role in their kids’ nutrition,” says Judy Caplan, MS, RD.

  1. Start the Food shopping : Remove the mindset that it is a mum’s job.Start going to the supermarket.

  2. Try cooking : Research has it that ‘Fathers who rank family meals as an important event are less likely to have kids who favor fast food restaurants’ . Do the cooking some times.

  3. Be a good example : Children learn from their parents and dads are looked upon as heroes. So they go with what you do not really what you say.

  4. Stop the junk food : Try to cut back on your junk food first and then encourage your kids to do the same.

    It is risky !!!

  5. Make home-cooked meals interesting : Healthy nutrition is not boring. Some dads cannot help in the cooking process every day,do not fret, take out time when you can.

  6. Be united : As a dad, ’walk the walk and talk the talk’ with your family. This means that parents have to follow the same rules and consume the same nutritious foods that they want their kids to eat.

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